MedTech ColorMedtech Color recently announced that it has selected the creator of an app for perinatal mental health as its 2022 Pitch Competition winner.

Candlelit (New York City) walks away with $50,000 in non-dilutive funding as well as special prizes from Texas Medical Center Innovation, Johnson & Johnson and ResMed.

Medtech Color and its panel of judges selected Candlelit last week. The company’s app focuses on women who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Candlelit says on its website: “We’re dedicated to making sure Black women and women of color are valued, seen and respected in healthcare. When we feel off-balance mentally, it can feel easier to suffer in silence at work or home rather than seek help from professionals. That’s why we’re changing how women are screened, monitored and treated, especially when starting a family, to reduce their overall risk and symptoms of burnout, anxiety and depression through virtual consultations with licensed therapists.”

The Medtech Color 2022 Pitch Competition focuses on startups led by Black and Brown founders to showcase products and services directly benefiting patients.

Here are the top 10 finalists from this year’s competition. 

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