Moticont releases 0.875-in. diameter linear voice coil servo motor

NEWS RELEASE: Linear Voice Coil Servo Motor Just 0.875 in. in Diameter Has High Force-to-Size High Acceleration, and a 0.25 in. Stroke!

The Moticont GVCM-022-013-01 Linear Voice Coil Servo Motor [Image courtesy of Monticot]

Van Nuys, CA – Moticont has released the GVCM-022-013-01 Linear Voice Coil Servo Motor. This compact .875 in. (22.2 mm) diameter high speed, high force-to-size linear motor features high accuracy and high repeatability when operated in a closed loop as a DC servo motor.  This brushless servo motor is clean, quiet and has long life, low mass and high acceleration/deceleration for high throughput.  This linear voice coil motor, also known as a moving coil motor or actuator is ideal for: Haptic feedback, medical devices, wafer handling, optical focusing, dynamic vibration absorption, work holding and clamping, assembly, testing, positioning, scanners, laser beam steering, laser speckle correctio…
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Wearable developer Empatica aims to develop new digital biomarkers

Empatica Chief Medical Officer Dr. Marisa Cruz discusses advances in wearable technology and how new digital biomarkers could advance medtech.

Empatica Chief Medical Officer Dr. Marisa Cruz [Photo courtesy of Empatica]

Dr. Marisa Cruz envisions a future where unobtrusive wearable devices with advanced sensors will continuously measure and record actionable biodata without patients having to lift a finger.

Cruz is an endocrinologist and internist who serves as chief medical officer at Empatica, which develops wearable devices for monitoring patient physiology with the ultimate goal of improving clinical outcomes.

In 2011, Empatica spun out of an MIT lab focused on wearable sensors for continuous, passive patient monitoring. That technology is made possible by ever-shrinking sensors and batteries, gains in effective computing, and materials and manufacturing methods that result in comfortable and intuitive…

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Nordson Medical expands Pennsylvania operations

NEWS RELEASE: Nordson Medical expands Easton, Pennsylvania operations into an additional facility

Easton, Pennsylvania – November 29, 2023 – Nordson Medical, a global leader in the medical device components industry, is expanding its Easton, Pennsylvania operations into an additional facility less than two miles away. This expansion will allow an increased capacity of their fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) heat shrink tubing product line and potential additional manufacturing capabilities in the future.

Additional manufacturing capacity will allow Nordson Medical the ability to continue offering their innovative products, technologies, and solutions to their customers to assist them in bringing their complex medical devices to market.

“We are excited about how this expansion will benefit our customers and help increase our footprint of medical device components that are used to improve the lives of patients around the world,” said Todd Furman, director of o…

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HP names Dinsmore as an HP Digital Manufacturing Partner

NEWS RELEASE: Dinsmore Earns Distinction as HP Digital Manufacturing Partner

Dinsmore EVP Jay Dinsmore (left) and Greg Elfering, Head of Americas Go-to-Market for HP’s Personalization and 3D Printing business

Irvine, CA — 28th November 2023 — Dinsmore, an ADDMAN Group company, has been promoted to be a HP Digital Manufacturing Partner, cementing its commitment to innovation in 3D printing. This distinction highlights Dinsmore’s dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions, with a focus on growth in the medical sector. In this endeavor, the company is set to leverage its new HP Jet Fusion 5420W solution, equipped with medical-grade nylon 12, to further expand its presence in this segment.

The catalyst for this collaboration was Dinsmore’s early adoption and participation in HP’s 18-month beta program for the HP Jet Fusion 5420W solution. Jay Dinsmore, Executive V…

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Paragonix CEO Lisa Anderson’s quest to build better organ transport systems

Paragonix co-founder and CEO Lisa Anderson offers advice for other device developers as her startup helps organs safely ship to recipients.

Paragonix Technologies co-founder, CEO and President Lisa Anderson [Photo courtesy of Paragonix Technologies]

As a complex disease researcher, Lisa Anderson couldn’t believe how crude the packaging was for a donor organ she received while studying type 1 diabetes.

“What I was looking at at the time was a pancreas that was stored in a couple of sterile plastic bags filled with a solution, and then literally placed in a cooler filled with crushed ice,” she recalled. “To me, that was a very archaic way of transporting a precious human organ.”

So she called the agency that provided the organ and asked whether next time they could package the pancreas just as they would for a human transplant.

“There was a long pause on the line,…

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Evevo Manufacturing launches in Minnesota

NEWS RELEASE: New medical device contract manufacturer launches to serve emerging medical device companies in Minnesota’s Medical Alley.

Minneapolis – Nov. 28, 2023 – Visura Technologies, a privately owned medical device company based in Minneapolis, and YKK Corp. of America, a subsidiary of Japan-based YKK Corporation, today announced the launch of Evevo Manufacturing, a new joint venture committed to serving emerging medical device companies in the Minneapolis ecosystem.

The unique relationship between the leadership teams of YKK and Visura Technologies led to the creation of the joint venture. Evevo Manufacturing is jointly owned by YKK and Visura.

“Evevo Manufacturing’s focus will be on supporting startup and emerging medical device companies that often have a difficult time finding and keeping the attention of the contract manufacturing partners,” said Irvin Pierskalla, VP of operations at Evevo Manufacturing. “The entire Evevo team has extensive experienc…

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Researchers develop therapy for metal poisoning from implants

[Image by Monstar Studio via]

Researchers say they found a way to protect people from heavy metal poisoning as a result of toxicity from cobalt implants.

Cobalt was widely used for hip and knee joint replacements due to strength and durability, but this led to cases of heavy metal poisoning. Toxicity can arise from cobalt and other metals if they accumulate in body tissues at high levels. After years of implant wear and tear, metal particles can build up around the joint and cause pain, inflammation and dark discoloration.

Teams at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Carnegie Mellon say they can protect people from this toxicity, called metallosis.

They say implant removal represents “the obvious solution.” However, invasive revision joint surgery brings risk with it. According to the team, traditional chelation therapy is another option. In this therap…

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What Medtronic learned on its long road to RDN approval

Medtronic SVP and President of Coronary and Renal Denervation Jason Weidman [Photo courtesy of Medtronic]

It took Medtronic nearly 13 years to win FDA approval for renal denervation (RDN) since buying Ardian and its hypertension-treating technology.

Jason Weidman, the Medtronic SVP who is also president of coronary and RDN, has a more personal measure of the long road to approval for the world’s largest medical device manufacturer.

“The first meeting that I had with the startup Ardien, my daughter was a newborn — and she started high school this year,” he said in an interview with Medical Design & Outsourcing.

This month, the FDA approved an RDN system developed by Recor Medical, and followed soon after with approval for Medtronic’s Symplicity Spyral RDN system. Both RDN systems treat hypertension by calming overactive nerves in the renal arteries with a minimally invas…

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Medtronic weighs in on GLP-1 impact for device manufacturers

Medtronic CEO and Chair Geoff Martha [Photo courtesy of Medtronic]

Medtronic is the latest — and largest — device manufacturer to weigh in on GLP-1 weight loss drugs and how they could affect demand for medical devices.

Medtronic Chair and CEO Geoff Martha today said the world’s largest medical device company doesn’t expect GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy to take a big bite out of its business.

While Medtronic said the drugs have had a “modest impact” on the bariatric surgery market, Medtronic thinks that is only temporary. The rate of decline in Medtronic’s bariatric business has already stabilized, Martha said on the company’s second-quarter earnings call, adding, “I think we see that coming back in the coming year.”

“We feel strongly that we don’t see these drugs impacting Medtronic’s growth, medium …

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November 2023 Medical Device Handbook: Breaking new ground in medtech


How Abbott designed the world’s first dual-chamber leadless pacemaker system

J&J used RWE for expanded indications — and you can, too

Moon Surgical thinks Maestro’s light touch can win the surgical robotics arms race

Breaking new ground in medtech

This year has brought a flurry of firsts from medical device manufacturers as they develop new and improved products despite continued supply chain and economic challenges.

These device innovations have been in the works for years, pushed forward by teams ranging from small startups to the world’s largest medtech companies — and all with help from outsourcing partners.

All of these industry players have come together once again in our latest edition of the Medical Design & Outsourcing Medical Device Handbook to offer uniquely relevant and actionable advice for device designers and engineers.

This edit…

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Researchers develop first wearable for continuous monitoring of body sounds

This soft, wireless device prototype can continuously monitor the body sounds inside and outside of a patient, including premature babies. [Photo courtesy of Northwestern University]

Northwestern University researchers have developed wearable devices for continuously monitoring the sounds made by a patient’s body, such as breathing, heartbeats and digestion.

The soft devices stick to a patient’s skin and use two high-performance, digital microphones to listen to sounds inside and outside the body. One of the microphones faces inside the patient, while the other faces outward and an algorithm separates external and internal sounds.

“Lungs don’t produce enough sound for a normal person to hear,” Northwestern Medicine thoracic surgeon Dr. Ankit Bharat said in a post at the university’s website. “They just aren’t loud enough, and hospitals can be noisy places. When there are people ta…

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Proxdis hires Jeffery Welch as chief engagement officer

NEWS RELEASE: Former Tenet Healthcare Market CEO, Jeffery M. Welch Joins PROXDIS Leadership

PROXDIS Chief Engagement Officer Jeffery Welch [Photo courtesy of PROXDIS]

Boca Raton, Florida – PROXDIS, Inc., a healthcare technology company, pioneering a new era of collaboration between healthcare professionals and the medical device industry, proudly welcomes Jeffery M. Welch, the former Market CEO of Tenet Healthcare, to its executive team. With profound industry insights and a wealth of experience, Mr. Welch seamlessly aligns with PROXDIS’ mission to transform the healthcare paradigm.

As PROXDIS embarks on reshaping the way healthcare providers and industry experts collaborate, the appointment of Jeffery Welch as Chief Engagement Officer represents a momentous milestone for the company. With a distinguished career spanning over three decades in the healthcare sector, including his successful tenure at…

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