Time’s best medical device inventions of 2023 include: (clockwise from top left) ViviStim, Coros, Cala kIQ, InVision. [Images courtesy of the companies]

Time magazine recently named 11 medical device inventions among its best inventions of 2023.

The devices highlighted in the ranking ranged from wearables to treat tremor to leadless pacemakers.

Time magazine says it has identified the most impactful ideas, devices and technologies around the world for more than 20 years. The publication says it compiled the list through nominations from its editors and global correspondents, with special attention to certain categories like medical innovations, accessibility, AR/VR, sustainability, wellness and more.

Time then graded each nominee based on a number of key factors that included originality, efficacy, ambition and impact.

This year’s list included 11 devices from startups and major OEMs. Abbott and Tandem Diabetes are some of the major medtech companies honored, but smaller companies such as Cala Health, Medivis and more made the list.

Here are the 11 medical devices and technologies that Time named among its Best Inventions of 2023, separated by category. (And here are Time’s best medical device inventions from last year.)


Cionic Neural Sleeve | Mobility sleeve to improve motion
Cionic’s Neural Sleeve is a wearable fabric brace that is lined with sensors to continuously monitor movement in real-time to evaluate muscle firing and limb position. Personalized algorithms deliver functional electrical stimulation to activate the necessary muscles precisely coordinated to the gait cycle. Read more about the Neural Sleeve here>>
Zeen | Mobility walker
The Zeen mobility walker supports a user’s full body weight from beneath, hands-free, allowing people to move about more freely and safely. Users can sit or stand and safely walk at their preferred pace. The Zeen chair has a coasting and parking brake, memory foam swiveling seat, adjustable assisted lift, foot rests, push handles, a seatbelt, an armrest with seat height adjustment and more. Read more about the Zeen here>>


Medivis SurgicalAR | Surgical planning software platform
The Medivis SurgicalAR visualization platform enables holographic rendering of all patient-specific data. It has a 1 MP time-of-flight (ToF) infrared depth sensor for real-time hand-tracking, 1080P color video camera for first-person captures and remote assistance, four environmental tracking cameras for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and dual eye-tracking cameras for automatic calibration. Read more about Medivis’ SurgicalAR here>>


University of Utah’s Utah Bionic Leg | Motorized prosthetic for lower-limb amputees
The Utah Bionic Leg uses motors, processors and advanced artificial intelligence to give amputees more power to walk, stand, sit and climb stairs. It uses custom-designed force and torque sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes to determine the leg’s position. The sensors provide real-time data to power the motors in the joints to assist in mobility. Read more about the Utah Bionic Leg here>>


Coros Heart Rate Monitor | Consumer heart rate monitor for the arm
The Coros Heart Rate Monitor is a wearable device that automatically detects when a user is wearing it and powers on or off. It connects to Bluetooth-compatible devices for easy tracking. Coros’ device has optical heart rate sensors that work by using light to measure blood flow in the capillaries beneath the skin. Its location on the arm allows for an optimal amount of blood flow to gather heart rate data with accuracy equivalent to a traditional chest strap, according to the company. Read more about Coros here>>

Medical care

CisionVision InVision | Lymph node visualization
CisionVision’s InVision technology helps pathology practitioners perform lymph node searches with enhanced efficiency and accuracy. It has a 10-in. touchscreen that even works with gloved hands and a large viewing area to visualize tissue pieces up to 8 cm by 6 cm in size at a time. It images mesenteric lymph nodes, head and neck lymph nodes, sub-millimeter head and neck lymph nodes, pelvic lymph nodes, bisected fat replaced pelvic lymph nodes, and sentinel axillary lymph nodes. Read more about InVision here>>
Abbott Aveir DR Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker
Aveir DR delivers electrical impulses directly to the heart muscle. This restores the normal heart rhythm. Unlike traditional pacemakers, the leadless devices go directly into the heart through a minimally invasive, catheter-based procedure. This eliminates the need for cardiac leads and a pulse generator under the skin. Read more about Aveir here>>
MicroTransponder ViviStim Paired VNS System | Nerve stimulation for stroke recovery
Vivistim is designed to increase neuroplasticity to help people who had a stroke regain hand and arm movements. It gently stimulates the brain through the vagus nerve to strengthen and create new neural pathways. MicroTransponder says most users do not feel the stimulation but notice an improvement in hand and arm function. Read more about ViviStim here>>
iLet Bionic Pancreas | Accurate insulin dosing
Beta Bionics’ iLet Bionic Pancreas is an automated insulin delivery system that reduces the need to make decisions about diabetes management. The eliminates the need for carb counting, carb rations, correction factors and pre-set basal rates. The company designed it for people with Type 1 diabetes. Read more about the Bionic Pancreas here>>
Cala Health klQ | Essential tremor wearable
Cala Health klQ is an on-demand therapy for tremor treatment. It is an FDA-cleared wearable that delivers effective therapy for action hand tremor in people with essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease. KIQ stands for kinetic (movement) and IQ (smart). Read more about the kIQ here>>

Special mention

Tandem Diabetes Care Tandem Mobi | Small insulin delivery system
Tandem Diabetes Care’s Tandem Mobi is a small, durable automated insulin delivery system. It is fully controllable by a compatible and personal iPhone. Mobi has a closed-loop algorithm built into the pump. It is less than half the size of the t:slim X2 insulin pump and features an LED status indicator and aa pump button to deliver a quick bolus. Mobi is compatible with all Tandem infusion sets, including a new 5-inch tubing option for the AutoSoft XC that was designed specifically for on-body wear with the Tandem Mobi system. Read more about Mobi here>>

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