FDA clears Neocis surgical robot for bone reduction

The Yomi surgical robot. [Image from Neocis]Neocis announced today that it received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Yomi surgical robot system for use in guided bone reduction.

This represents the second FDA clearance for Neocis this year, and its 14th in total.

Miami-based Neocis designed its Yomi surgical robot for dental surgery. It assists clinicians in the planning and operative phases of dental implant placement. For example, Yomi offers interactive digital planning software and physical guidance for surgical instrumentation.

The new indication for Yomi allows dental professionals to perform robot-guided alveoloplasty of the mandible and/or maxilla. This is commonly referred to as bone reduction, according to a news release.

A CT scan of the patient digitally plans the bone reduction and placement of implants. During the procedure, Yomi’s guide arm provides haptic feedback. This keeps the burr from deviating beyond …

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Titan Medical to seek share consolidation to keep Nasdaq listing

Titan Medical (Nasdaq: TMDI; TSX: TMD) said today that it will hold a virtual shareholders meeting on Jan. 12, 2023 to seek approval for a share consolidation plan.

The surgical robotics company described share consolidation as the last option to regain compliance with Nasdaq’s $1 a share minimum bid price requirement and retain its listing.

Titan Medical has until Dec. 26 to demonstrate that TMDI shares can trade over $1 apiece for at least 10 consecutive business days. After that, TMDI shares are subject to a delisting after Titan Medical exhausts its appeals process.

TMDI shares were down more than 2% to 44¢ apiece in morning trading today.

“We believe that a consolidation is in the best interests of shareholders, including for the purposes of regaining compliance with Nasdaq listing requirements,” CEO Cary G. Vance said in a news release.

“A continued Nasdaq listing provides numerous benefits to the company, incl…

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Stereotaxis stock up on new orders, progress on next-gen robot

Stereotaxis’ headquarters in St. Louis include an operating room with a Genesis RMN system for demonstration and training purposes. [Image courtesy of Stereotaxis]Stereotaxis (NYSE:STXS) today reported third-quarter results that missed on revenue. However, investors reacted positively to a list of positive news from the surgical robotics company.

St. Louis–based Stereotaxis lost $5.3 million, or 7¢ per share, off $7.7 million in revenue for the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2022. It lost $5.0 million, or 7¢ per share, off $9.1 million in revenue in Q3 2021.

Wall Street analysts had expected $8.2 million in revenue.

However, much of the news was positive for Stereotaxis, which provides surgical robotics that incorporate magnets for minimally invasive endovascular intervention. (It’s included in MassDevice’s list of robotic surgery companies you need to know.)

“Stereotaxis continues to demonstrate robust commercial and technological progres…

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Titan Medical CEO sees ‘unique opportunity’ for Enos surgical robot in an increasingly crowded field

Titan Medical CEO Cary Vance [Photo from Vance’s LinkedIn page] Titan Medical CEO Cary Vance discusses the Enos robotic surgery platform, deals with Medtronic and supply chain silver linings.

Titan Medical President and CEO Cary Vance said he knew what he was getting into when he was approached about leading the robotic surgery company.

“The challenges, I knew what they were,” said Vance, who had served on the company’s board for two years when he became CEO of Titan in July. “I knew the opportunity we had to meet those challenges and knew the people I’d be working with … could make sure whatever strategy we have is executed.”

Vance sees “a unique opportunity” ahead of Toronto-based Titan, which is manufacturing the Enos surgical robot platform with plans to enter into clinical use next year.

In June, Titan delayed its FDA investigational device exemption (IDE) submission timeline for the roboti…

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Neocis raises $40M for dental surgical robot

The Yomi surgical robot. [Image from Neocis website]Robot-assisted dental surgery technology developer Neocis announced today that it completed an oversubscribed financing round worth $40 million.

Miami-based Neocis manufactures Yomi, a computerized robotic navigational system. It provides assistance in the preoperative and intraoperative phases of dental implantation surgery. Yomi provides software for planning procedures and offers robotic navigational guidance for surgical instruments during procedures. The company developed its system for use in partially edentulous and fully edentulous adult patients who qualify for dental implants.

Yomi assists clinicians during all phases of implant placement. Its streamlined digital planning and haptic guidance offer accuracy, efficiency and confidence for clinicians. Its uses often include flapless procedures, a less invasive surgical approach.

An unnamed specialist investor within the dental industry led Neocis…

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Smith+Nephew announces first clinical use of Legion revision knee handheld robotics tech

The Cori surgical robot system for knee replacement. [Image from Smith+Nephew]Smith+Nephew (NYSE:SNN) today announced the first cases for revision knee replacement using the Cori surgical robot system.

Dr. Thorsten Seyler of Duke University performed the first cases on Aug. 17, 2022. Seyler used the combination of Smith+Nephew’s handheld Cori robotic technology with the Legion revision knee system. The system uses image-free smart mapping to eliminate the need for pre-operative CT/MRI scans. It also eliminates the potential for image distortion due to in situ components from the primary procedure.

London-based Smith+Nephew said in a news release that surgeons can build patient-specific 3D models of the joint. They can also register anatomy and bony defects after implant extraction. With the system, surgeons can intra-operatively gap balance in real-time, and accurately precision mill for final placement of components.

Smith+Nephew said it is the first…

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8 more surgical robotics companies you need to know

The Versius surgical robotics system [Image from CMR Surgical] You know the big hitters in surgical robotics. Here are some of the companies you may not know about, but you should keep an eye on them.

Last month, MassDevice compiled a list of 16 surgical robotics companies you need to know. That list included the usual suspects, like Intuitive, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson and more. But, a list of 16 companies hardly scratches the surface.

Competition continues to heat up what is already one of the hottest spaces in medtech. Here are eight more companies that made waves in robot-assisted surgery recently:

Company Robotic system CMR Surgical Versius Medical Microinstruments Symani Levita Magnetics MARS Virtuoso Surgical Virtuoso System eCential Robotics Surgivisio Globus Medical ExcelsiusGPS Distalmotion Dexter Quantum Surgical Epione CMR Surgical

Cambridge, United Kingdom-based CMR Surgical took a massive step forward in 2021.

The …
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Medical Microinstruments launches new NanoWrist instruments for surgical robot

[Image from Medical Microsintruments]Medical Microinstruments announced today that it launched its new supermicro NanoWrist instruments for its Symani surgical robot.

Pisa, Italy-based Medical Microinstruments designed the Nanowrist instruments to address the challenges of microsurgery. Surgeons in Europe recently used the new supermicro needle holder and dilator in clinical procedures with successful outcomes.

According to a news release, surgeons have used the instruments in Zürich (Switzerland), Florence (Italy), and Salzburg (Austria).

In Austria, Dr. Simon Enzinger of the University Hospital Salzburg used them in a partial glossectomy. In the procedure, he raised a lateral arm free flap to replace a large section of a patient’s tongue that required removal due to cancer.

To return blood flow to the transferred tissue, Enzinger used the supermicro NanoWrist instruments to connect the branch of the radial collateral artery to a side brand o…

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FDA clears eCential Robotics’ spine surgery robot

The robotic arm of the eCential Robotics platform for spine surgery [Image courtesy of eCential Robotics]French robotic spine surgery tech company eCential Robotics announced today that it has received FDA clearance for its 3D imaging, navigation and robotics guidance system.

With the help of recent partnerships with U.S. implant companies, Gières, France–based eCential Robotics plans to start selling its surgical robotics system in North America. The company has already sold 10 systems in Europe, with more than 2,000 surgeries.

“The FDA clearance of the eCential Robotics unified platform recognizes reliability and robustness of our product, confirms the confidence in eCential Robotics’ unique concept of focusing surgical workflows on the essential via a unified, open and multi-app system, and also encourages our ambition to expand our footprint in the United States,” said Laurence Chabanas, the company’s chief strategy officer and U.S. CEO…

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How IP protection is enabling robotic surgery innovation

Vicarious Surgical has been generating buzz in the robotic surgery space, but none of it would happen if IP protection wasn’t shielding the value of its technology.

[Beta 2 image courtesy of Vicarious Surgical]

Count Vicarious Surgical among a group of relatively young surgical robotics companies seeking to innovate and make a difference in a space that has been dominated by Intuitive. Vicarious’ technology uses proprietary human-like surgical robots combined with 3D visualization to transport surgeons inside the patient to perform minimally invasive surgery.

Vicarious Surgical CEO Adam Sachs announced on his latest earnings call that the Waltham, Massachusetts–based company has completed the design of its Beta 2 robotic surgery platform. It’s beginning the integration phase of the build, and the company has inked center of excellence agreements with the nationwide HCA Healthcare as well as University Hospitals…

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16 surgical robotics companies you need to know

Intuitive remains the dominant surgical robotics company, but corporations ranging from Medtronic to Vicarious Surgical look to compete. The Da Vinci Xi robotic surgery system. Intuitive continues to dominate the space. [Image courtesy of Intuitive]Robotic-assisted surgery remains one of the hottest spaces in medtech. Intuitive, which pioneered the field in the 1990s and early 2000s, continues to innovate. At the same time, a host of other companies are looking to compete.

Companies making headlines in the robotic surgery space over the past year include:

Company Robotic system(s) Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci Xi, Da Vinci X, Da Vinci SP, Ion Medtronic Hugo Johnson & Johnson Monarch, Velys, Ottava Stryker Mako Siemens Healthineers’ Corindus CorPath GRX Vicarious Surgical Beta 2 Titan Medical Enos Asensus Surgical Senhance Moon Surgical Maestro Momentus Surgical Anovo Virtual Incision MIRA Stereotaxis Genesis RMN, Vdrive, Niobe Monteris …
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Does Asensus Surgical have a Russia problem?

Asensus Surgical’s Senhance surgical system [Photo courtesy of Asensus Surgical]Add the Russia-Ukraine war to the potential challenges facing Asensus Surgical (NYSE American: ASXC) as it seeks to innovate in the surgical robotics space.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina–based Asensus today announced the sale of one of its Senhance surgical systems, an important development given that its 2021 annual report lists a total of two Senhance system sales and one lease buyout.

The company, however, didn’t name the hospital or country where its distribution partner placed the system. It only said that it was a hospital in the Commonwealth of Independent States, the international organization of countries that includes Russia and many of the other countries that made up the former Soviet Union.

Asensus Surgical spokespeople did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The company is scheduled to release Q2 earnings on Aug. 8.

Since Ru…

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