GE Healthcare launches next-gen X-ray system

The Definium 656 HD X-ray system [Image from GE Healthcare]GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) announced today that it released its next-generation Definium 656 HD X-ray system.

Chicago-based GE Healthcare’s latest generation of its overhead tube suspension (OTS) system leads its portfolio of fixed X-ray products as the most advanced fixed system yet, according to a news release.

The medtech giant appears to be on a roll when it comes to next-gen product launches. It recently unveiled its next-generation Voluson Expert 22 ultrasound system for women’s health.

The company designed the next-gen X-ray platform to deliver consistent, highly automated, efficient exams that provide clinical confidence and a simplified workflow to improve consistency and reduce errors, keeping radiology departments running smoothly.

Definium 656 HD includes GE Healthcare’s Intelligent Workflow Suite and is powered by GE’s FlashPad HD high-resolution detectors and the …

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Q2 Supply chain, COVID-19 issues lead to lowered expectations for GE Healthcare

The new logo for the stand-alone GE HealthCare company [Image courtesy of GE Healthcare]GE (NYSE:GE) shares were up on second-quarter results that came in ahead of the consensus forecast on Wall Street.

The Boston-based company posted losses of $1.2 billion, or 78¢ per share, on sales of $18.6 billion for the three months ended June 30, 2022, for a large bottom-line slide into the red on sales growth of 2.2%.

Adjusted to exclude one-time items, earnings per share were 78¢, 40¢ ahead of Wall Street, where analysts were looking for sales of $17.6 billion.

Despite The Street’s reaction to the company-wide performance, driven by GE’s aerospace segment, the company’s HealthCare arm suffered in the second quarter.

GE HealthCare registered revenues of $4.5 billion, marking a 1.5% uptick year-over-year from 2021. Profits came in at $651 million for an 18.7% bottom-line slide from the same quarter last year.

The company said in a news…

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GE Healthcare unveils next-gen ultrasound for its women’s health portfolio

GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) today unveiled its next-generation Voluson Expert 22 ultrasound system for women’s health.

The Chicago-based company designed Voluson Expert 22 with new imaging and processing power for higher resolutions and detailed images. Powered by artificial intelligence, the imaging system allows for better consistency in exams and a decreased number of tasks for the clinician.

“The Voluson Expert 22 is a masterpiece of engineering with exceptional 2D images from thin to difficult scanning patients. This machine also has the outstanding ergonomics and is the most customizable system ever produced. It is one of the best ultrasound machines I have ever used,” said Dr. Rabih Cahoui, managing director of the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis and Human Genetics in Berlin, Germany.

Voluson has a modern user interface that is simple and seamless and has a 23.8 in. high-definition ultrasound display with three image sizes to see fin…

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GE Healthcare to keep its name after spinoff — but with tweaks

The new logo for the stand-alone GE HealthCare company [Image courtesy of GE Healthcare]GE (NYSE:GE) announced today that GE Healthcare will keep its name after it spins off from its parent company early next year.

Though, new branding capitalizes the “C” in “healthcare” (i.e. GE HealthCare) — a move the company says better demonstrates the healthcare business’s focus on supporting both better health and better care and the interdependency of the two. The new logo also uses a softer font and substitutes the classic GE blue with a soft purple that is meant to evoke compassion.

“We arrived at this decision by listening to the people who know us best: our team members and customers. We learned that GE Healthcare is a name associated with innovation, trust, and reliability, and the monogram symbolizes quality, safety, and trust. At the same time, we knew we had an opportunity to more closely align ourselves to our work supporting pa…

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GE Healthcare opens 5G innovation lab in India

GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) announced today that it inaugurated its first 5G innovation lab around the globe in Bengaluru, India.

The company aims to use the 5G innovation lab to position itself at the forefront of groundbreaking advances in patient care, including potentially bringing cutting-edge technology to rural and suburban regions.

According to a news release, GE Healthcare believes 5G has the potential to disrupt the patient care continuum and transform diagnosis, therapy and prognosis.

The new innovation lab sits at GE Healthcare’s largest R&D center outside of the U.S. at the John F. Welch Technology Center (JFWTC). It features state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a private 5G network for testing and development as it will serve as a “testbed” to develop future-ready products and solutions, the company said.

Additionally, the lab provides expertise and a platform for a collaborative ecosystem for academia, the he…

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GE Healthcare’s Carescape ventilator battery recall is Class I

(Image from GE Healthcare)

The FDA issued a notice today labeling the recall of GE Healthcare’s (NYSE:GE) Carescape R860 ventilator as Class I, the most serious kind.

GE Healthcare recalled the Carescape R860 ventilator backup batteries, including replacement backup batteries, because the batteries may run out before they are expected to do so. If the ventilator is running on batter power only when the battery fails, the ventilation could stop completely, preventing the user from receiving oxygen and breathing support.

Carescape R860 uses main AC power via a wall plug to operate, but has a backup battery intended to keep the ventilator operating for a certain amount of time if a main AC power supply is not available. An example of this occurrence would be a patient transport. Replacement backup batteries are available for use when the original backup battery expires.

The issue can potentially cause a lack of oxygen (hypoxia), especially if it occur…

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Centerline Biomedical raises $33M Series B

Centerline Biomedical announced that it closed a $33 million Series B equity financing, led by Cleveland Clinic.

GE Healthcare, RIK Enterprises, JobsOhio, Jumpstart Ventures and G2 Group Ventures all participated in the financing, which will be used to help propel the Cleveland-based company into new surgical applications, accelerate its commercial sales and add to its growing clinical evidence repository.

“Our technology is already yielding excellent clinical benefits and this funding will help realize our mission of improving the outcomes, radiation safety and accuracy in endovascular surgery,” Centerline CEO Philip D. Rackliffe said in a news release.  “Successfully raising this capital given the challenging global environment is a resounding testament to this technology and incredible team at Centerline”.

Centerline Biomedical’s flagship product, the IOPS (intra-operative positioning system) was developed in Cleveland Cl…

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GE Healthcare unveils wireless patient monitoring platform

[Image from GE Healthcare]GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) today introduced a continuous monitoring platform with wearable sensors for detecting patient deterioration.

The technology, aimed to detect deterioration earlier than traditional sampling methods to improve patient outcomes, was developed at GE Healthcare’s global center of excellence for monitoring solutions in Helsinki, Finland.

GE Healthcare’s Portrait Mobile platform wirelessly monitors throughout the patient’s lifecycle during the entire hospital stay of a patient, helping doctors to identify worsening conditions. The company designed it to be worn by patients and communicate with a mobile monitor.

The technology collects data on respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and pulse rate for general ward and post-operative patients, enabling caregivers to detect the changes that indicate the development of cardiorespiratory complications or infectious diseases.

Patients can also move f…

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GE Healthcare debuts Allia Platform for image-guided therapies

[Image from GE Healthcare]GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) announced today that it unveiled the new Allia platform for minimally invasive, image-guided surgery.

Chicago-based GE Healthcare designed the platform through a multi-year collaboration with interventionists and surgeons with the ultimate goal of enhancing user experience, improving workflow efficiency and increasing the adoption of advanced image guidance in daily practice.

According to a news release, Allia allows users to access all essential functions from a personalized workplace through intuitive and compact user interfaces. It has flexibility through a gantry that is not mounted to the floor or ceiling, enabling full mobility, while it enables collision-free procedures thanks to a wide-bore C-arm design.

The Allia Platform leverages the Edison Digital Health Platform with AutoRight, the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-based interventional image chain and Liver Assist virtual paren…

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GE Healthcare unveils intelligent workload management software for radiologists

GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) announced today that it has made available a new intelligent workload management solution for radiology.

The company announced the new software platform for its PACS solutions, integrated with Q-IT’s (a Quantum Imaging & Therapeutic Associates subsidiary) Helix Radiology Performance Suite, at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) 2022 Annual Meeting.

According to a news release, the intelligent workload management solution, which operates on predictive analytics, optimizes radiologists’ workflow across an entire enterprise, enabling reading at peak efficiency to improve productivity and reduce burnout.

GE Healthcare also designed the platform to allow for more accurate predicting and distributing workload, plus more fairly measuring performance against compensation.

“Radiologists are desperate for the latest tools to keep up with an ever-increasing caseload,” GE Healthcare CEO of Enter…

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GE Healthcare says recovery in supply of contrast media is on the way

GE Healthcare says its contrast media products are used in more than 100 million procedures globally every year. [Image courtesy of GE Healthcare]GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) announced today that it is on the way toward restabilizing its global supply of iodinated contrast media — a vital imaging agent.

The company said its Shanghai facility, previously closed amid COVID-19 restrictions in China, will be close to 100% production capacity by next week. Said GE: “We will continue to work with impacted customers to help them plan several weeks ahead as supply progressively recovers.”

According to a recent New York Times report, thousands of Americans have had to wait for exams because of the shortage. As related by NYT, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf described the situation as “just unbelievable” while testifying to a U.S. Senate committee. “Someone with a stroke or heart attack wouldn’t be able to get an angiogram.”

The closure of the Shangha…

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FDA clears integration of Medtronic’s monitoring platforms with GE Healthcare’s Carescape

Medtronic’s (NYSE:MDT) Microstream capnography (CO2) and Invos regional oximetry (rSO2) platforms can now be integrated with GE Healthcare’s Carescape.

The two companies announced today that they received FDA clearance and CE mark approval for the integration of Medtronic’s Microstream and Invos technologies for perioperative and ICU care on the GE Healthcare Carescape precision monitoring platform.

According to a news release, the regulatory nods complete the full suite of Medtronic patient monitoring solutions available on the Carestream system, with the combined offering also featuring GE Healthcare FlexAcuity to give clinicians the ability to choose care options based on patient acuity needs and assist in earlier detection of patient deterioration.

Dr. Eva Masso Lago, an anesthesiologist with Germans Trias I. Pujol Hospital in Barcelona, Spain, who uses Carescape and Invos monitors, said in the release that integrating the Medtronic…

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