GE HealthCare MedQuestGE HealthCare 

(Nasdaq: GEHC)

announced that it partnered with MedQuest to optimize multi-site outpatient imaging networks.

MedQuest is a leading owner, operator and manager of outpatient diagnostic imaging facilities. The three-year collaboration provides access to GE HealthCare’s technology with infrastructure and resources from MedQuest. The companies believe MedQuest’s model with GE HealthCare’s offerings can help deploy emerging imaging solutions, including those supporting theranostics, into the ambulatory setting.

“Our commitment to customer-centric care is at the center of everything we do,” said MedQuest CEO Jason Howard. “Building upon our more than 25-year history as a leader in outpatient imaging, our partnership with GE HealthCare will position us at the forefront of innovative care delivery and product line development, enhancing the level of care for our patients and health system partners.”

MedQuest plans to continue broadening its ability to provide high-performing care in outpatient imaging. Now, it can offer AI-enabled digital capabilities. That includes AIR Recon DL, AIR Touch, Imaging Protocol Manager, Smart Subscription and Imaging 360.

The companies expect these capabilities to enable improved outcomes for patients, plus personalized, precise care. They also think the partnership could improve radiology workflows and ease workloads for care teams.

“GE HealthCare is excited to provide advanced technologies and digital tools to enable clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent data and smart devices to help improve patient outcomes,” said Jason Schneck, president, U.S. & Canada Imaging, GE HealthCare. “We are relentlessly focused on improving the healthcare experience for patients everywhere.”