Autotranfusion device maker ships units to Ukraine

Sisu Global Health’s autotransfusion device, Hemafuse, can collect blood lost by a patient for reuse during surgeries. [Photo courtesy of Sisu Global Health]

The developer of an autotransfusion device for collecting and cleaning a patient’s lost blood is sending hundreds of units to Ukraine as casualties climb from the Russian invasion.

Baltimore-based Sisu Global Health has already sent 1,005 of its Hemafuse devices to hospitals in Kyiv and is planning a third shipment of 500 more any day now, co-founder and President Gillian Henker said.

“We were talking amongst our management team and our shareholders, and they were saying we really want to do something for Ukraine,” Henker said in an interview with Medical Design & Outsourcing. “And we really see Hemafuse as a great fit.”

After those first conversations in March, the company raised $110,000 through nonpr…

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