eClinical Solutions Q&A: The quest to transform raw data into drug discovery gold

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Top pharmaceutical companies sponsor over a hundred clinical trials annually, generating vast amounts of data. Harnessing this deluge is a monumental task. eClinical Solutions, led by CEO Raj Indupuri, tackles this through advanced applications of data analytics and machine learning with a strong emphasis on AI in clinical trials optimization.

Specifically, eClinical Solutions taps AI/ML for automated data mapping, classification, review and mining insights. This enhances efficiency, speeds up cycle times and ensures quality as data complexity grows. The company’s Elluminate platform integrates and structures data, supporting advanced analytics.

Powerful techniques like anomaly detection algorithms can automatically flag potential data issues for human review. ML also classifies and categorizes data to focus reviewer time on the most critical areas. Fostering an innovative cultur…

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Discover new levels of efficiency in pharma manufacturing with advanced analytics

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Digitalization empowers pharmaceutical companies to bring therapies to patients faster by using advanced analytics strategies to profitably optimize manufacturing operations.

In the pharmaceutical industry, operational issues from efficiency losses to failed batches can delay delivery of potentially lifesaving therapies to patients. For this and other reasons, pharmaceutical organizations require resources dedicated to batch prediction, planning and rapid issue resolution throughout the entirety of a drug’s lifecycle. Because the field is both highly regulated and consequential, decisions must be data-based to ensure compliance and product integrity.

Adding to the challenge, patient populations are ever-evolving and conditions in the supply chain are variable. At the same time, there is growing pressure to lower the cost of bringing drugs to market, without compromising safety and…

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Improving vaccine production with advanced analytics

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This scientific, engineering and logistical achievement that is the COVID-19 vaccine is a feat unparalleled. It’s the perfect example of human ingenuity and how modern advancements can make a difference. A lot of credit, however, has to go to the rise of Industry 4.0 and the use of digital technologies like automation, computer science, and advanced analytics. In fact, automated operations, process simulation, and self-service analytics have helped pharmaceutical production processes become more agile and efficient, contributing to increased production capacity and product quality. This solution has become the production and quality control game-changer by making pharmaceutical companies more adaptive and responsive, thus improving operational processes.

Using time-series data to improve operational performance

Captured from sensors throughout the production line, t…

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