I-Fill micro pump

Intellitech’s i-FILL Micro is designed for manufacturers needing to automate R&D, lab or production filling of small volumes of high-value product with high accuracy.

Intellitech (Poland, Ohio) has introduced an i-FILL Micro pump that provides repeatable dispensing of biologics measuring 100 mcl to 15 ml with single stroke capacity. In addition, the pump supports larger volumes with multiple strokes.

The pump provides repeatable liquid filling accuracy of +/–0.5% of the intended volume.

A diaphragm and piston pump hybrid, the i-FILL Micro Pump can pump dry and does not drip between dispensing batches. This design can thus avoid wasting expensive products that are potentially worth thousands of dollars per milliliter.

The self-priming pump does not compress tubing while dispensing and thus does not cause shearing.

When used with the company’s sterile, single-use liquid measuring and dispensing system and kit, the micropump does not require cleaning and sterilizing between batches.

With touchscreen and foot-pedal control options, the pump supports storing multiple fill profiles as recipes for future use.

The manufacturer specializes in serving the pharmaceutical, life sciences and specialty chemical industries.