A portrait of Joe Rowan, retired CEO and president of Junkosha USA.

Joe Rowan is retiring as CEO and president of Junkosha USA. [Photo courtesy of Junkosha]

Japanese fluoropolymer supplier Junkosha today announced new leadership for its U.S. subsidiary.

Joe Rowan has retired as CEO and president of Junkosha USA but will remain as an advisor as Mike Winterling takes over as chief operating officer.

“Our aim is to be acknowledged as the most responsive partner for specialized high-performance polymer solutions; to be organizations’ No. 1 partner by meeting their unmet needs and ultimately being easy to do business with,” Junkosha CEO and President Mamoru Sogo said in a news release. “This is what we have always strived to do and will further expand our global presence into the future with Mike as he takes over from Joe as part of our succession plan.”

Rowan founded Irvine, California-based Junkosha USA, which sells fluoropolymer-based medical components and high-frequency microwave cables. The subsidiary also sold to European customers with an office in Cheltenham, England.

Rowan oversaw the launch of Junkosha’s Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing (PHST, used to make interventional surgical catheters) and ultra-high frequency interconnects for 5G/6G networks and devices.

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“I have had the most incredible experience working alongside many committed and capable associates,” Rowan said in the news release. “We should all be proud of what we have achieved together. A sign that the time is right for me to move on was during this year’s MD&M West trade show, which proved to be our best yet. The feedback we received from our customers was excellent and our awareness level has increased appreciably. In short, my work is done.”

On LinkedIn today, Rowan called his time with Junkosha “a great journey” and said he is “really excited to see the momentum we have created being sustained under Mike’s leadership.”

About Mike Winterling

A portrait of Mike Winterling, chief operating officer of Junkosha USA.

Mike Winterling is chief operating officer of Junkosha USA. [Photo courtesy of Junkosha]

Winterling joined Junkosha as VP of business development in December 2020 after a 29-year career at W.L. Gore & Associates, where he also worked with Rowan.

“It’s been great to work with you over the years at both Gore and Junkosha,” Winterling said on LinkedIn while congratulating Rowan on his retirement. “Wishing you all the best with whatever the future may bring!”

Junkosha last month announced plans for a new medical plant in Kasma, Japan as part of its larger growth strategy.

“We have a long-standing pedigree of technology innovation and first-class products, built over the 68 years since our founding in Japan,” Winterling said in the news release.

“Our mission is now to spread our reputation as a trusted partner across global markets,” he continued. “To fulfill this goal, we have been rapidly expanding with both a major investment program and also new team members across USA and Europe. These strategic movements, alongside the launch of our Customer Charter, which is a blueprint for what customers can expect from our teams, demonstrate our complete commitment to doing our very best for all of our stakeholders.”

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