TORXPrivately-held Torx Software Ltd has expanded its software platform offerings with an automated assay scheduling tool known as Torx Test and compound analysis tool Torx Analyze.

Torx offers an internet platform that supports collaboration, knowledge sharing and resource management. In addition, Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) workflow functionality supports resource management and progress tracking.

Torx Test allows chemists and assay scientists to collaborate on scheduling, management and delivery of results related to various assays. In addition, the tool extends the molecule tracking capability of the company’s Torx Make software, enabling users to monitor the test status of compounds across multiple workflows.

Torx Analyze offers 2D and 3D analysis of molecule data imported from corporate databases. In addition, the software integrates with the company’s information sharing and molecule design capabilities tool known as Torx Design.

“Torx connects all team members and external partners in a single, chemistry-aware web-based platform,” said Paul Faulder, co-chairman of Torx Software, in a statement. “We’re looking forward to supporting more teams working in pharma and biotech industries to facilitate insightful decision making and increase productivity so they can shorten the time taken to get their drugs to market.”