Neurosign launches new intraoperative nerve monitor to preserve nerves

[Neurosign V4 image courtesy of WVU/Brian Persinger]Neurosign today announced the U.S. launch of its V4 system for monitoring cranial nerves and spinal nerve roots during surgeries.

FDA cleared the V4 4-channel and 8-channel nerve monitoring system in March.

“We have many years of experience listening to surgeons and developing systems that solve challenges. The V4 is the next iteration of advanced nerve monitoring that focuses on patient safety and preserving the patient’s critical nerve structures,” said Lothar Krinke, CEO of Neurosign’s parent company Welcony (Whitland, U.K.).

Dr. Jeffson Chung of West Virginia University Hospital recently used the V4 in successful thyroidectomy and facial nerve surgeries.  He also used the Neurosign Bipolar probe for nerve identification and stimulation. He described neuromonitoring as an additional tool to minimize risk.

The V4 launch comes at the same time that Welcony is finishing work on a new off…

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