Abbott CEO touts future of biowearables in first-ever healthcare company keynote at CES

Eliud Kipchoge is training with Abbott’s Libre Sense to monitor his glucose levels to help him achieve optimal athletic performance.

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) Chairman & CEO Robert B. Ford highlighted what the future holds as he presented the first healthcare keynote ever at CES.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 event, Ford headlined the “Human-Powered Health: Unlocking the Possibility of You” event, announcing that Abbott is developing a new category of biowearables called “Lingo.”

“Technology gives us the power to digitize, decentralize and democratize healthcare, create a shared language between you and your doctor – and put more control of your health in your hands,” Ford said. “We’re creating a future that will bring you and your loved ones care that’s more personal and precise. It’s happening right now. And its potential is no less than incredible.”

Abbott Park,…

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