Europe approves GSK and Sanofi’s next-gen COVID-19 booster vaccine VidPrevtyn Beta

The European Commission has approved the VidPrevtyn Beta COVID-19 vaccine as a booster for individuals who are at least 18.

The vaccine is the first next-gen protein-based adjuvanted COVID-19 booster to win European approval.

Sanofi (Nasdaq:SNY) developed the vaccine based on the beta variant using GSK’s (NYSE:GSK) pandemic adjuvant.

After announcing the news, Sanofi shares were up 1.45% to $43.97 in early afternoon trading. GSK shares were up 2.42% to $33.21.

VidPrevtyn Beta is a monovalent, recombinant-protein vaccine developed by Sanofi, modeled on the Beta variant and including GSK’s pandemic adjuvant. The vaccine uses recombinant-protein technology found in Sanofi’s seasonal flu vaccines.

In July, GSK and Sanofi announced that their adjuvanted bivalent version of its vaccine was 72% efficacious against omicron in adults in a Phase 3 study.

GSK and Sanofi noted that the vaccine performed well in registrational trials when the omi…

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