Ulbrich expands Braid Wire Accelerator program

[Image courtesy of Ulbrich]

Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products (USWP) announced that it expanded its Braid Wire Accelerator program by making it available in Europe.

North Haven, Connecticut-based Ulbrich’s e-commerce solution rapidly delivers round and flat wire materials for manufacturing needs. Customers can, through just a few clicks, see alloys in stock, select materials and add products to their cart.

In February 2022, the company launched its e-commerce platform in North America. In a news release, Ulbrich said that it made the procurement tool available in Europe now following its successful North American rollout.

“I’m thrilled that the Braid Wire Accelerator has launched in Europe,” said Christian Prischmann, Ulbrich of Austria’s director of business development. “It will be easier than ever for our customers to source high-quality wire and beat their competitors to market.”

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Ulbrich launches e-commerce platform for Braid Wire Accelerator program

Ulbrich announced today that it launched an easy-to-browse e-commerce solution for its Braid Wire Accelerator program.

North Haven, Connecticut-based Ulbrich said in a news release that the online store makes it easier for medical device manufacturers to source the braid wire materials they need, with just a few clicks providing an instantaneous view of what items Ulbrich Specialty Wire Products has in stock through the Standard Braid Wire Accelerator program.

Ulbrich’s program offers an array of alloys (in a range of tensile and winding tension configurations) to allow for the selection of the best braiding material for their equipment and application. The e-commerce platform allows customers to find the right material for their requirements, add it to their cart and check out before an Ulbrich wire specialist promptly contacts them to finalize their order.

The company also confirmed that its accelerator includes a rapid prototype solution for tho…

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Ulbrich acquires California distribution facility from ATI Specialty Rolled Products

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals agreed to acquire ATI Specialty Rolled Products’ distribution facility in Pico Rivera, California.

North Haven, Connecticut-based Ulbrich announced earlier this month that, effective today (Jan. 31, 2022), the facility will operate under the name “Ulbrich of California” and, as of today, all shipments from the Pico Rivera facility will become orders serviced by Ulbrich Steel and its personnel while ATI will continue supplying Ulbrich with the nickel, titanium and specialty alloy products upon which their customers rely.

Ulbrich and ATI are working closely together to transition the facility and ensure product quality and service remains at or above customer expectations, with no expected changes or interruptions to service from the location. Ulbrich also plans to have the facility’s Pratt-Whitney Laboratory Controlled at Source (LCS) certification recertified under its own name by mid-Februar…

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