Titan Medical meets with strategic buyers and investors as surgical robot developer considers its future

Titan Medical’s Enos surgical robotics system has snake-arm instruments that deploy through a single incision. An Enos 2.0 prototype (pictured here) makes room for a third instrument arm by eliminating the integrated camera and using the 3-D scope. [Photo courtesy of Titan Medical]Titan Medical (Nasdaq:TMDI) met with potential buyers of the surgical robotics company this week in San Francisco.

The Toronto-based medical device developer has been considering the best options for investors and the company’s Enos surgical robot. Facing delisting of its stock from the Nasdaq exchange due to its low price last year, Titan Medical announced a strategic review in November and furloughed staff in December.

Also this week — and probably not coincidentally — the company released details of a second-generation Enos design with improvements such as an increase in the number of instrument arms to three from two. Learn more about those Enos design improvements, including a…

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