Smith+Nephew partners with Rods&Cones on smart surgery glasses

[Image from Smith+Nephew/Rods&Cones]Smith+Nephew (NYSE:SNN) announced today that it partnered with Rods&Cones to provide smart surgery glasses and digital remote assistance.

London-based Smith+Nephew representatives, by providing customers with smart surgery glasses, can “see” through the eyes of the surgeon, instrumentalist nurse or any healthcare professional using them, offering continuous remote support before, during and after surgical interventions.

The offering was initially used in the United Kingdom to support the National Health Service (NHS) and other customers. Smith+Nephew plans to increase its ability to offer technical support for the safe and effective use of its products at the right time from anywhere in the world.

Smith+Nephew said the increased complexity of surgery, the advancement of technologies and the need for productivity and efficiency is enabled by ensuring a specialist is available remotely to give the best p…

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