Voyager Therapeutics’ stock jumps 57% following Pfizer licensing deal

The gene therapy company Voyager Therapeutics, Inc. (NSDQ: VYGR) has reached an agreement with Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) to license novel capsids from its RNA-driven TRACER screening technology.

A capsid refers to the protein shell of a virus protecting its genome.

“We believe that our TRACER platform has the ability to produce not only enhanced blood-brain-barrier penetrant capsids, but also novel capsids with enhanced tropisms across a diversity of tissues and cell types, offering promise to unlock the fullest potential of gene therapies for a wide array of diseases with unmet medical need,” Michael Higgins, Interim CEO of Voyager said in a statement.

TRACER is an acronym for Tropism Redirection of AAV by Cell-type-specific Expression of RNA. AAV is an abbreviation of adeno-associated viruses.

VYGR shares jumped 56.7% apiece to $3.87 on the heels of the announcement.

In the past 12 months, the company’s stock had gradually fallen from $11.90 on O…

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RCSB Protein Data Bank now has more than 1,000 SARS-CoV-2 proteins

Acknowledgement: Illustration by David S. Goodsell, RCSB Protein Data Bank; doi: 10.2210/rcsb_pdb/goodsell-gallery-026

The RCSB Protein Data Bank has announced that more than 1,000 SARS-CoV-2 proteins are available at no cost. 

Headquartered at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, the RCSB Protein Data Bank released its first SARS-CoV-2 structure — the coronavirus main protease (PDB 6lu7) — on Feb. 5, 2020. 

The database has helped drive the development of effective COVID-19 vaccines. It continues to shed light on emerging variants of the virus, according to Stephen K. Burley, director of the RCSB Protein Data Bank. “The impact of structural biologists on research related to COVID-19 is a testament to the power of the experimental tools they use and their commitment to making data open access for the public good,” Burley said in a statement.

The database also offers proteins related to other viral…

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