Evonik invests in Revivo BioSystems and its compound-testing technology

Evonik announced that it invested in startup Revivo BioSystems to support the development and commercialization of its technology.

Essen, Germany-based Evonik said in a news release that Revivo BioSystems develops technology that uses a realistic 4D model of human skin to test chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical compounds, offering an alternative to animal testing that can be quicker, more reliable and more cost-efficient.

Singapore-based Revivo’s organ-on-a-chip technology automates testing and sampling procedures in addition to simulating the interaction of human skin with the substance being tested. Skin tissues grown in a laboratory (or a human skin sample) are placed on biochips that are supplied with nutrients and reagents, creating a micro-environment for the tissue models, which reproduce the architecture and functions of skin.

Evonik said consumers prefer substances that haven’t been tested on animals, while more than 40 countries …

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