Catalyst OrthoScience CEO leaves to lead Raumedic Inc.

Raumedic Inc. President and CEO Brian Hutchison [Photo courtesy of Raumedic]

Brian Hutchison has taken over as president and CEO of Raumedic Inc. after stepping down from the same roles at Catalyst OrthoScience last month.

Hutchison joined Naples, Florida-based Catalyst as executive chairman and CEO in 2018. He has been replaced as CEO of Catalyst by Carl O’Connell, but remains a “significant investor” in the upper extremity orthopedics device maker, the company said.

“We thank Brian for the work he has done to build this company to where it is today,” Catalyst said in a news release.

The most recent Raumedic Inc. CEO, Stefan Seuferling, will maintan his responsibility for the Helmbrechts, Germany-based medical device component developer and manufacturer’s global business operations as CEO of Raumedic AG and chair of Raumedic Inc., the company’s U.S. operations.…

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