BioSig Technologies picks Plexus to make its signal processing tech for arrhythmia care

BioSig Technologies today announced that it has chosen Plexus as its manufacturing partner.

Neenah, Wisconsin-based Plexus will bring to market the Pure EP system, which is the company’s signal processing technology for arrhythmia care and will develop a new product pipeline for BioSig’s NeuroClear Technologies.

“We are fundamentally proud to partner with Plexus on our mission to advance therapies through technological innovation. Their engineering and manufacturing capabilities and outstanding expertise in building complex medical devices make Plexus a foundational cornerstone to support BioSig’s growth objectives now and well into the future,” BioSig CEO Kenneth Londoner said in a news release. “The recent release of our clinical data has increased physician interest in our technology. We believe that the post-pandemic recovery in elective procedures will further drive our installation footprint, and we are confident that Plexus’ first…

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