Purdue University receives $3M to further pharma waste reduction efforts 

The National Science Foundation has granted Purdue University researchers a $3 million grant to explore new pharma waste reduction strategies.

While many life science companies have prioritized sustainability initiatives, the pharmaceutical industry continues to generate substantial sums of toxic waste.

“It’s a waste problem that causes economic, social and environmentally negative impact,” noted project leader Shweta Singh, Purdue University associate professor, in a news release.

Improper disposal of antibiotics, in particular, can be problematic, fueling antibiotic resistance.

“Our project is focused on creating a large-scale framework and cyberinfrastructure that can help manufacturing networks to perform more sustainably,” said Singh. “We’ll start our proof of concept with the pharmaceutical industry, given its high impact on the American manufacturing system during COVID.”

The transition to a circular economy–based approach in the pha…

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