DuPont expands pharma bottle closure offerings

DuPont (NYSE:DD) has debuted a new line of Liveo-branded pharma bottle closures. The one-piece silicone stoppers and tubings are composed of biomedical-grade platinum-cured silicone elastomers. The pharma bottle closures are intended to seal threaded glass and plastic bottles and containers intended for critical fluid transfer, media and buffer pooling and storage, and sample collection in biopharmaceutical and biotechnology processes.

The Wilmington, Delaware–based company said that the Liveo product line is designed to reduce leak and contamination risk.

The company creates the one-piece silicone seal components based on end users’ specific needs. DuPoint manufactures the components in a clean manufacturing environment within an FDA-registered site in Michigan.

The bottle closures also support sterilization using autoclave and gamma irradiation.

The company offers the cured silicone seal parts that support GL45 and 38-430 neck bottles and contai…

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