Olympus to acquire cloud-AI endoscopy startup Odin Vision

Olympus announced today that it agreed to acquire cloud-based AI endoscopy technology developer Odin Vision.

The agreement totals up to $79 million in upfront and milestone-based payments.

London-based Odin Vision develops a portfolio of commercially available computer-aided detection/diagnostic (CAD) solutions. It also holds an innovation pipeline of cloud-enabled applciations.

Clinicians and AI experts at the Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS) at University College London (UCL) founded Odin Vision. They created it with a mission to offer digital technology for a “new era” of healthcare supporting doctors to deliver higher quality care. The company aims to improve patient outcomes and patient experience while increasing value for healthcare providers.

Olympus said in a news release that Odin Vision aims to “create a paradigm shift” in AI integration for endoscopy. The company seeks to …

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