Micro Mold renovates for new 5-axis milling center

Micro Mold is adding a Yasda YMC650 high-speed 5-Axis milling center [Image courtesy of Micro Mold]

Precision mold maker Micro Mold has renovated in Erie, Pennsylvania, to make room for its new Yasda YMC650 high-speed 5-axis milling center and 3R Workpartner automation cell.

The new equipment will be used for electrode manufacturing and finishing hard mill applications. The milling machine is accurate to 1 micron for high-volume, ultra-precision tooling work, the company said.

“In addition to efficiency gains due to reduced setup requirements, the new Yasda will offer improved accuracy, the ability to manufacture components of increased complexity and capacity for larger workpiece sizes over the 3-axis mills currently employed,” Micro Mold GM Chris Hanes said in a news release.

Micro Mold repurposed shop space to build a climate-controlled workspace for the new equipment, Hanes said. T…

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