The battle of the bulge: Semaglutide and tirzapatide could be new weight-loss warriors

[Image courtesy of New Africa/Adobe Stock]

A pair of weight-loss drugs —  semaglutide and tirzapatide — could reshape the way we view and treat obesity, according to a Moody’s report dated May 18. The ratings firm notes that Novo Nordisk could benefit from a first-mover advantage in the obesity market as it now has two novel weight loss drugs on the market: Saxenda (liraglutide) and Wegovy (semaglutide). Semaglutide has already emerged as an example of a ‘viral’ drug, as Harvard Health Publishing noted earlier this year, owing to its popularity on social media and with celebrities. A YouGov survey found that 60% of Americans had heard about this class of weight loss drugs.

If Lilly’s tirzepatide, the first dual GIP/GLP- coagonist, wins approval for obesity, its developer could also profit handsomely. In April, analysts projected that annual tirzepatide sales could hit $50 billion by 2030.


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