DJO acquires MedShape

Colfax Corp.’s DJO today said it has acquired MedShape for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition expands DJO’s foot and ankle business as MedShape develops a superelastic nickel-titanium shape memory alloy and shape memory polymer technologies. Other devices in the deal include devices for fracture fixation, joint fusion and soft tissue injury repair that utilize biomaterial technologies that are designed to improve patient outcomes.

“Based on our long-term success and deep relationships in both our prevention & recovery and recon segments, we made a strategic decision to meaningfully expand into the fast-growing foot and ankle market. We believe our acquisitions of Star, Trilliant Surgical, and now MedShape, have created a strong position in the space and will create a rapid growth platform,” DJO CEO Brady Shirley said in a news release. “MedShape’s patented technology and growing suite of foot & ankle innovations complement our existing p…

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MedShape appoints chief medical officer

MedShape this week announced that it has appointed Greg Berlet as chief medical officer.

Berlet will be responsible for new clinically-focused initiatives to advance the knowledge and use of active, adaptive healing approaches for orthopedic surgeons to improve patient outcomes.

“MedShape is changing the paradigm for how fusion is addressed in foot & ankle orthopedics with the company’s products demonstrating clinical success across various challenging patient populations,” Berlet said in a news release. “I look forward to working with the MedShape team to deliver novel dynamic fusion solutions to more patients and to develop a better understanding on how dynamic fixation impacts the healing process.”

Berlet has more than 22 years of experience as a foot and ankle fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and is a founding partner of the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center in Columbus, Ohio.

“We are pleased to form…

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MedShape launches DynaClip Forte nitinol bone fixation system

[Image courtesy of MedShape]

MedShape (Atlanta) recently announced the full commercial launch of its DynaClip Forte bone fixation system, which boasts a four-leg inline design and superelastic nitinol technology.

MedShape designed the DynaClip Forte to meet the needs of certain high load-bearing applications. It comes. It joins the DynaClip bone fixation system that has already been commercially available.

“Working with MedShape’s team of engineers, we sought to develop a comprehensive staple system that meets all clinical requirements in terms of biomechanical performance, strength, and ease of use,” said Dr. John Kwon, lead surgeon design team member from Harvard Medical.

“I am looking forward to implanting the DynaClip Forte in mechanically challenging applications where traditional staples might fail,” Kwon said in a Sept. 8 news release.

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