Rakuten Medical acquires Medlight

Rakuten Medical today said it has acquired Medlight for an undisclosed amount.

Medlight currently produces and commercializes a large range of catheters and diffusers for optical light delivery. The acquisition will allow Rakuten Medical to utilize Medlight resources and its network of well-qualified subcontractors to facilitate rapid development of new optical devices.

“Medlight is an ideal acquisition, as they are global leaders in the development of light dosimetry technologies for a variety of diseases,” Rakuten Medical CEO Hiroshi Mikitani said in a news release. “This acquisition secures our supply chain, ensuring the needs of patients are met by optimizing and managing continuous improvement of our delivery system.”

Prior to the acquisition, Medlight was the contract manufacturer of Rakuten Medical’s device finishing facility in Germany. It was also a labeler for clinical trial materials and provided QA oversight for …

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