5 essential leadership lessons from Cathy Burzik for medtech’s next generation of women leaders

Cathy Burzik, a seasoned senior executive in the healthcare industry, has successfully led major medical device, diagnostic, diagnostic imaging and life sciences businesses.

Cathy Burzik is CEO of CFB Interests. [Photo courtesy of CFB Interests]

Cathy Burzik, CFB Interests (as told to MedExecWomen co-founder Maria Shepherd)

One key to being a successful women leader in MedTech: “Play nice, but play to win.”

Cathy Burzik, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award from AdvaMed in 2019, shared this advice during a recent MedExecWomen conference fireside chat with co-founder Maria Shepherd.

Burzik explained how you can apply this to your own career path and leadership style, along with many other powerful lessons she’s learned throughout her career.

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