Tablet press maker Korsch acquires Medelpharm to boost R&D offerings

The combined Korsch-Medelpharm R&D equipment lineup [Image courtesy of Korsch]

Korsch AG recently announced that has acquired Medelpharm and its compaction simulator technology.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Korsch said Medelpharm’s compaction simulator technology adds early-stage material characterization and scale-up capability to its R&D product portfolio.

The companies have 135-plus years of experience with small-scale, fully instrumented tablet compression equipment. The Korsch R&D product portfolio addresses and overcomes longstanding challenges, from early-stage powder characterization and formulation development, to predictive scale-up and production support.

The combined Korsch-Medelpharm R&D equipment lineup includes:

XP 1: Robust single-punch tablet press with small batch capabilities; STYL’One Nano: Benchtop compaction simulator…
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