Simplicity and studies were key for Molli’s magnetic surgical marker

The Molli Marker magnetic implant is 3.2 mm long. [Photo courtesy of Molli]

Molli Surgical is the developer of a subcutaneous, wire-free marker for the removal of lesions in breast cancer surgery.

The Toronto-based company’s latest products are Molli 2 and Re.markable, launched in April 2023.

Molli 2 is the second-generation locator system for pinpointing the Molli Marker, a tiny, magnetic implant placed for surgical site localization with the Molli Introducer needle. Molli says its marker is the smallest on the market at just 3.2 mm in length.

Molli Re.markable, meanwhile, is the magnetic technology used to retrieve the marker if needed for a second, more accurate marker placement.

Molli Surgical’s co-founders are CEO and President Ananth Ravi and Chief Technology Officer John Dillon. [Photo courtesy of Molli Surgical]

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