Accuray partners with Limbus AI on adaptive radiotherapy

Accuray (Nasdaq:ARAY) and Limbus AI announced today that they are partnering to augment Accuray’s adaptive radiotherapy capabilities.

The partnership aims to leverage Limbus’ artificial intelligence (AI)-driven auto contouring algorithms to enable a streamlined treatment planning process.

Sunnyvale, California-based Accuray and Saskatchewan, Canada-based Limbus AI anticipate an integrated offering will be made available beginning in 2023, according to a news release.

Limbus AI’s contouring algorithms help to define the border of the tumor and organs at risk during radiation therapy, completing what the companies described as one of the most critical steps in the planning process. That step accounts for a significant proportion of both the personnel and time involved in plan adaptation, too.

The automation of the contouring portion of the planning process also allows for practical adaptive plan modification, when warranted, withou…

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