FDA updates medical device shortage list due to shipping delays and semiconductors

Medical device shortages persist due to shipping delays and semiconductor availability, the FDA said last week in an update to its medical device shortage list.

The updated medtech products in short supply include radiological devices, general plastic surgery devices, cardiac diagnostic and monitoring products, general ICU/ hospital products, specimen collection supplies and ventilators.

Philips Invivo MRI breast biopsy grid plates

Philips product shipping delays caused a shortage of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) breast biopsy grid plates used with breast biopsy/localization trays, surgical guide needles and specialty magnetic resonance coils.

Those Philips Invivo MRI breast biopsy grid plates have been on the shortage list since October 2022 after imaging facilities notified the FDA of the shortage in July. The FDA said it does not know how long the shortage will last, but said it “is still compiling and evaluating data on manufacturing and pro…

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