Medtech jobs: The world’s largest medical device companies are hiring

Medical device companies are trying to fill thousand of medtech jobs. [Photo by ijeab –]

The world’s largest medical device companies are still hiring for medtech jobs despite layoffs in tech and other industries.

Medtech developers — and medtech jobs — are resilient, with the industry’s COVID-19 pandemic performance only bolstering its recession-proof reputation.

That’s not to say there haven’t been job cuts in medtech, led by thousands of layoffs at Philips as it struggles with a massive recall of deadly respiratory devices. But most medical device manufacturers are still hiring, and in some cases they can’t attract enough candidates to fill every vacancy in a tight labor market.

Stryker, for example, grew to approximately 51,000 employees as of the end of 2022, increasing its headcount by nearly 11 percent last year. Boston Scientific reported nearl…

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Diversity in medtech: 2022 markedly the best for women in medtech

This year has been one of the most formative for women in medtech leadership roles as representation in the C-suite has reached a new high.

Just 23% of the top executives at the world’s 100 largest medical device companies are women, according to an analysis of Medical Design & Outsourcing‘s annual Big 100 ranking of the top revenue-generating medtech companies.

While that number is up 2 percentage points from 2021, the average composition within the top 100 companies is also up slightly to 22%.

This year has been one of the most formative for women in leadership roles. There were 50 new C-suite appointments. However, 2020 seemingly started the shift in leadership diversity. That year, 37 women moved into C-suite roles in the top 100 companies, followed by 34 new appointments in 2021. Overall, women have moved into 121 new roles in the last three years.

“The fact that the management teams are now tapping into this in 2020 and…

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