Freudenberg Medical establishes second production facility in Costa Rica

NEWS RELEASE: Freudenberg Medical establishes second production facility in Costa Rica $25 million investment to meet growing global demand for medical devices and precision components Expansion to quadruple manufacturing footprint for high volume minimally invasive catheters Creation of 600 new jobs, fostering growth for local community

Coyol, Costa Rica, February 12th, 2024. Freudenberg Medical, a global contract design and manufacturing (CDMO) partner to the medical device and biopharma industry with facilities in key industry hubs across the Americas, Europe and Asia, announced it is to establish a second manufacturing site in Costa Rica. With this $25 million investment the company is expanding its technologies to deliver increasingly complex products to its global customer base.

“We are proud to be one of the first global CDMO partners in Costa Rica, having established our first production facility here more than 12 years ago,” said Dr. Mark Ostwald, CEO of Fr…

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Freudenberg Medical launches automated hypotube coating

NEWS RELEASE: Freudenberg Medical Innovates with Advanced Hypotube Coating Automation

Freudenberg said its hypotube coating automation increases energy efficiency, reduces material waste, and enhances operator ergonomics and safety. [Photo courtesy of Freudenberg Medical]

Galway facility addresses rising medtech demand with focus on safety and environmental benefits

BEVERLY, MA ‒ September 13, 2023 ‒ Freudenberg Medical, a global CDMO for finished medical devices, components, and minimally invasive solutions, has amplified its production capacity by introducing an innovative coating process for hypotubes.  By embracing automation, Freudenberg not only meets expanding customer requirements but also delivers marked improvements in operator health and safety, and environmental protection.

Cardiovascular diseases stand as the paramount cause of death globally, representing a staggering 32% of global fatalit…

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Freudenberg Medical expands medical tubing production to Massachusetts

NEWS RELEASE: Freudenberg Medical Expands Medical Tubing Production to Massachusetts

Multilumen tubing from Freudenberg [Photo courtesy of Freudenberg]

Freudenberg Medical, a global contract design and manufacturing provider to the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, has added custom silicone extrusion and medical and biopharma tube processing to its newest cleanroom manufacturing operation and global headquarters in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Freudenberg Medical is a leading global processor for custom medical and pharmaceutical tubing including multi-lumen, complex single lumen, and micro extrusions. The extrusion equipment and manufacturing processes installed in Massachusetts are identical to other Freudenberg Medical global locations for consistency and redundancy to alleviate customer supply chain risks.

“Freudenberg has added silicone extrusion capabilities in Massachusetts to better serve ou…

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Freudenberg Medical introduces HelixFlex TPE tubing

 HelixFlex TPE tubing [Image courtesy of Freudenberg Medical]

Freudenberg Medical this week announced the launch of its HelixFlex high-purity thermoplastic elastomer tubing.

The company says it designed the HelixFlex tubing for biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications.

The expanded offering adds to Freudenberg’s existing pharma product portfolio of silicone tubing and components for bioprocessing, drug and vaccine manufacturing, filling and sampling, peristaltic pumping, lab, and medical device applications.

According to Freudenberg Medical, TPE tubing is ideal for pharmaceutical bioprocessing applications because it’s possible to weld it to existing tubing lines, heat sealing it to allow for easy, fast and safe fluid transport and transfer in biopharma processes.

It’s possible to sterilize Freudenberg’s TPE tubing through many methods, including autoclave, gamm…

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Freudenberg Medical has a new CEO

Freudenberg Medical CEO Mark Ostwald [Image courtesy of Freudenberg Medical]

Freudenberg Medical (Beverly, Massachusetts) announced the recent promotion of Mark Ostwald into the corner office.

Ostwald was previously CTO of the business and part of its management board. He joined Freudenberg Medical in 2009, holding several leadership positions, including president of Europe, head of Minimally Invasive Solutions, and VP and GM of the Silicones Business Unit in California. He also helped establish the Kaiserslautern, Germany operation as managing director of Freudenberg Medical Europe.

Freudenberg Medical’s previous CEO Max Kley has been appointed CEO of a newly established Freudenberg business group for the fast-growing battery and fuel cell market. With more than 30 years of experience, the Freudenberg Group is positioning itself as a leader in the transition to carbon-neutral energy systems.

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Freudenberg Medical secures global ISO 14001 environmental management certification

A Freudenberg Medical employee inspects a precision injection molded medical component at the company’s Kaiserslautern operation in Germany. [Photo courtesy of Freudenberg Medical]

Freudenberg Medical said it achieved ISO 14001 certification for its 11 locations in the U.S., Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland and China following a final audit at the company’s new headquarters in Beverly, Massachusetts.

ISO 14001 specifies environmental management system requirements to enhance environmental performance, meet compliance obligations and achieve environmental objectives.

Freudenberg Medical said it is working to reduce its environmental impact and achieve carbon neutrality of its manufacturing activities.

“Freudenberg Medical is a leader in sustainable manufacturing for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. It is our social responsibility to protect the environment and preserve earth’…

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Freudenberg Medical launches SpeakFree HME valve for laryngectomy care

The SpeakFree HME hands free valve [Photo courtesy of Freudenberg Medical]

Freudenberg Medical today announced the commercial launch of its Blom-Singer SpeakFree heat and moisture exchange (HME) hands free valve.

The device is designed for people who have undergone a total laryngectomy, or the removal of a person’s larynx or voice box, resulting in loss of speech.

Carpinteria, California-based Freudenberg Medical’s InHealth Technologies unit said its SpeakFree HME is the first single-use HME cartridge with an adjustable valve that does not require manual closure to speak, enabling hands-free speech for individuals with a tracheoesophageal puncture and voice prosthesis. The daily disposable product is adjustable for an individual’s activity and offers flexibility of hands-free and digital occlusion.

“This product is a game-changer and demonstrates InHealth’s commitment to ongoing innova…

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Freudenberg Medical touts expanded catheter sensor integration capabilities


[Image from Freudenberg Medical]

Freudenberg Medical recently announced that it has increased its catheter sensor integration capabilities.

The expanded capabilities allow the company to work with sensors for temperature and pressure, entire sensor arrays and fiber optic sensors in catheter manufacturing.

Get the full story on our sister site, Medical Tubing + Extrusion.

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VistaMed, OneProjects awarded €5M grant for cardiac arrhythmia catheter development

Freudenberg Medical‘s VistaMed today said it is a part of a team that was awarded €5.1 million ($6 million) over a three-year period to develop a catheter to improve treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.

VistaMed, along with OneProjects and the Tyndall Institute, received the grant sponsored by the Irish government through the Disruptive Technology & Innovation Fund. The consortium of the three companies will use the funds to develop a catheter to deliver direct 3D, intraprocedural analysis of the success of cardiac ablation during atrial fibrillation treatment.

Get the full story on our sister site, Medical Tubing + Extrusion.

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Contract manufacturers fuel medtech expansion in Costa Rica

Medical device manufacturing is flourishing in the Central American country, spurred by a host of incentives.

[Image from Unsplash]This year is seeing a wave of expansions by medtech contract manufacturers in Costa Rica.

Medtech OEMs have made the Central American company a manufacturing hub since the 1990s. Major companies operating there include Abbott, Bayer, Boston Scientific, Cardinal Health, Edwards Lifesciences, Hologic, Medtronic, Philips, Smith+Nephew and Wright Medical. Eight of these are among the top 20 exporters in Costa Rica, representing nearly $2.7 million in medical device exports in 2019 — 73% of the total.

Medtech OEMs in Costa Rica want their suppliers nearby, making the Central American country a magnet for contract manufacturers. The addition of medtech sterilization facilities in Costa Rica — BeamOne (now Steris) in 2009 and Sterigenics in 2013 — also helped spur more contract manufacturing. Before that, manufacturers had to ship prod…

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VistaMed launches tri-layer, multi-layer tubing

[Image from Freudenberg Medical]Freudenberg Medical today said it is expanding its tri-layer and multi-layer capabilities within its VistaMed business unit.

VistaMed’s tri-layer tubing is made on precision multi-layer extrusion lines in a Class 8 cleanroom. The tubing is designed with a low coefficient of friction and the inner lumen material and material layer allow for easy passage of guidewires through tortuous anatomical pathways.

The inner layer of HDPR material has bond integrity to the outer nylon layer and a tie layer material is used with refined processing techniques. The outer layer material is used for bonding balloons or other tubing.

“Many years of experience in tubing and catheter manufacturing combined with our continuous investment in the latest process technologies ensures that our capabilities remain best in class to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare industry,” VistaMed managing director Patrick Mullholland…

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