Fresenius Medical Care designs quick-change dialysis filter

The Fresenius Medical Care Cartridge Express with Speedswap [Image courtesy of Fresenius Medical Care]

Fresenius Medical Care North America’s Renal Therapies Group has a new way to quickly change a flow-compromised dialysis filter without replacing the entire cartridge.

The dialysis provider and equipment manufacturer said today that its new Speedswap system is designed to address the common clogging or clotting of the dialysis circuit in continuous kidney replacement therapy (CKRT) in critical care settings. Speedswap is meant to shorten the time needed to change dialysis filters, reducing therapy downtime, easing nurse workloads and lowering treatment costs.

“This introduction of Speedswap aims to both improve the quality of dialysis treatment in the critical care setting and make our technology even easier to use by the care team,” Renal Therapies Group President Joe Turk said in a n…

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What Fresenius learned about COVID, kidneys and dialysis in the pandemic

Dr. Robert Kossmann is the chief medical officer for Fresenius Medical Care North America [Photo courtesy of Fresenius]

Dr. Robert Kossmann has a unique perspective of kidney care as the chief medical officer for Fresenius Medical Care North America and head of renal therapies for the company’s global medical office.

Germany-based Fresenius is the world’s largest provider of dialysis equipment and dialysis services, offering treatments at traditional dialysis centers as well as in patients’ homes.

Medical Design & Outsourcing recently spoke with Kossmann about kidney care in the pandemic, the challenges and benefits of home dialysis, logistics lessons learned and growth opportunities that medtech designers and engineers should keep in mind.

This conversation has been lightly edited for space and clarity.

MDO: What does COVID do to the kidneys during and after an infect…

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