The ‘Iron man suit’ for QA Managers: Quality management software taps power of ChatGPT

Gone are the days when Microsoft’s animated paperclip, Clippy, popped up on your screen with helpful — and sometimes annoying — tips and tricks for your Word document. Now, the Israeli eQMS compliance provider Dot Compliance has launched what it hails as an industry-first electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) for life sciences with a prominent generative AI-enhanced digital assistant that could take intelligent assistance to new heights. “It’s not just ChatGPT. It’s many other algorithms that are evolving,” said Doron Sitbon, founder and CEO of the company.

Transforming quality assurance with AI-driven quality management software

Rather than Clippy, Sitbon uses another metaphor to illustrate the company’s ChatGPT-enhanced “Dottie” capabilities for its QMS Xpress quality management software. “I think of it as an Iron Man suit for a [quality assurance] manager,” Sitbon quipped. The Dottie digital assistan…

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