The promise and pain of startup customers: 3 ways to support early-stage innovators without becoming a high-risk investor

Kate Stephenson is the owner and founder of Dyad Engineering. [Photo courtesy of Dyad Engineering]

Startups represent a highly lucrative opportunity for suppliers to get in on the ground floor of a whole new product line, but their low success rate and high-touch needs can make them a dangerous distraction from your main customers.

Kate Stephenson, Dyad Engineering

Enthusiastic and highly committed to their cause, medical device startup founders speak with a deep passion about righting the wrongs of healthcare and the immense potential for profit in doing so.

However, they also tend to be overly confident, naïve about the sheer amount of work their idea represents and perennially underfunded.

The risks and rewards of working with startups are constantly shifting. To mitigate the risks without resorting to a blanket “no startup” policy, there are three strategies every medical device manufactur…

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