Science unbound: AI and open data accelerate the pace of discovery

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Scientists have long been perceived and portrayed in film as old people in white lab coats perched at a bench full of bubbling fluorescent liquids. The present-day reality of scientific research is quite different from old stereotypes, with AI-driven scientific breakthroughs emerging as a major driving force behind new discoveries. Scientists are increasingly data jockeys in hoodies sitting before monitors analyzing enormous amounts of data. Modern day labs are more likely composed of sterile rows of robots doing the manual handling of materials, and lab notebooks are now electronic, in massive data centers holding vast quantities of information. Today, scientific input comes from data pulled from the cloud, with algorithms fueling scientific discovery the way bunsen burners once did.

Advances in technology and especially instrumentation, enable scientists to collect and process data at an …

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How Dotmatics aims to help reduce the drug discovery failure rate

It’s clear that drug discovery and development costs have rapidly increased in recent decades. That said, estimates vary widely. For example, a 2020 article in JAMA noted that estimates range from $314 million to $2.8 billion.

A high drug discovery failure rate exacerbates the problem. Part of the challenge of making such calculations is the difficulty in identifying precisely the data that went into them. Some estimates measure drug developers’ total cost of drug discovery and development over a given period and divide it by the number of drugs introduced to the market.

The downside to this method is that it doesn’t shed light on the cost of drug development failures.

Software takes aim at drug discovery inefficiencies

The R&D scientific software firm Dotmatics aims to help pharmaceutical companies reduce the failure rate of drug discovery. The company recently debuted Small Molecule Drug Discovery Solution, a software package with…

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Dotmatics exec dishes on the company’s Chemistry Solution for Small Molecule Drug Discovery

R&D scientific software company Dotmatics recently debuted Chemistry Solution for Small Molecule Drug Discovery, a software package including applications, workflows and data management capabilities.

“Supporting collaboration is a central theme of the solution,” said Andrew LeBeau, vice president, product integrations at Dotmatics. “Drug discovery is a team-effort, spanning internally within organizations and, often, externally as well via work with strategic partners and utilization of Contract Research Organizations (CROs).”

In a recent email interview, LeBeau explains how the Small Molecule Discovery Solution supports drug delivery collaboration, touches on templates built into the software and sheds light on the company’s user base spanning 2 million researchers.

Drug Discovery & Development (DDD): Could you explain how the Small Molecule Discovery Solution supports collaborative drug discovery?

LeBeau: Th…

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Insightful Science acquires Dotmatics

Life sciences software company Insightful Science (Bishop’s Stortford, U.K.) recently announced that it has acquired Dotmatics (San Diego) and its cloud-based scientific R&D data management platform.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Integrating Insightful Science’s software applications into Dotmatics cloud-first enterprise data management service will enable an end-to-end scientific research platform, the companies said. The goal is to facilitate more rapid data access, analysis and exchange between scientists around the world.

“Together our complementary businesses create an end-to-end cloud-first scientific research platform that stands apart in our collective ability to support data-driven research. We are beyond enthusiastic about the impact we can have on increasing the speed of scientific innovation, and ultimately helping to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and better place to live,” Insightful Science CEO Thomas …

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