NextKidney buys Dialyss to support its home hemodialysis system

NextKidney recently announced that it has acquired Dialyss to boost the development of its portable Neokidney hemodialysis device.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Singapore-based Dialyss specializes in technologies for the sorbent-based regeneration of dialysate during home dialysis.

“Joining forces with Dialyss Pte Ltd will bring Neokidney BV in the best position to ensure the success of the Neokidney and bring a real change to patients’ quality of life,” Jérôme Augustin, CEO of Lausanne, Switzerland–based NextKidney, said in a January 21 news release.

NextKidney officials boast that the  Neokidney will be a small, user-friendly, home hemodialysis device, using only 4 liters of fluid per session. In addition, they say that it can run entirely independent of water supply and drain, enabling people to use it any time and anywhere.

The plan is to hold a first-in-human trial in Singapore,  followed by a Eu…

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