Simplifying safety reporting as part of clinical trial investigator retention 

Photo by Laura James from Pexels

The pharmaceutical industry is like many others today in that there is a high turnover rate. The surge in new clinical trials starting and post-pandemic changes in hiring amplify these concerns for clinical investigators. For example, a 2017 study using the FDA’s Bioresearch Monitoring Information system classified 54.2% of principal investigators as “one-and-done,” meaning they had only ever worked on one clinical trial and were likely not interested in participating in another. That study surveyed 201 principal investigators (PIs).

The 2017 survey also identified several factors that affect PIs’ decisions to conduct only a single FDA-regulated drug trial. Some 28.9% of the PIs decided, for personal reasons, not to conduct another trial. A total of 44.4% showed interest in participating in another trial but indicated that no opportunities were available.

The same stud…

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