DTW Weekly Podcast – Digging Deeper into Cleerly Health $43 million round

In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, we talk with Dr. James Min, the founder and CEO of Cleerly Health, a potentially disruptive diagnostics company that raised $43 million last week. Dr. Min explains how Cleerly Health formed from his work at Weill Cornell Medicine. But, more importantly for entrepreneurs and executives, he walks listeners through the steps he took to prepare for the fund-raising. In our next episode we’ll talk with two VCs who invested in the company to hear why Cleerly’s pitch worked.

We also talk with Jeremy Maniak, the CEO of Minnetronix, which is celebrating its 25th year in business. Maniak shares why medtech is such a draw for quality engineers who want to work for a purpose and work with the top technology. He also takes us through the process that led to Minnetronix creating its own medical device. Maniak, an electrical engineer himself, says Minnetronix will partner with OEMs to sell the device.

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