California could tap nonprofit Civica Rx to produce insulin

[Image courtesy of ayo888 via iStock Photo]

The state of California is reportedly planning to work with the nonprofit generic drug company Civica Rx to produce the hormone, according to NBC. California could confirm the partnership in mid-December, but the partnership has not yet been verified.

This summer, California Governor Gavin Newsom hinted that the state planned to manufacture insulin to help people with diabetes save money.

California would likely be the first state to produce insulin for residents.

A state-run website concluded that California has the highest number of new diabetes cases in the U.S.

In March, Lehi, Utah–based Civica Rx announced that it intended to manufacture low-cost insulin. The organization said then that it would set the recommended consumer price at a maximum of $30 per vial or $55 for a box of five pen cartridges.

In March, the Juvenile Diabetes Res…

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