GE HealthCare to acquire Caption Health and its AI-powered image guidance tech

GE HealthCare (Nasdaq:GEHC) announced today that it signed an agreement to acquire AI healthcare technology developer Caption Health.

The companies declined to disclose the financial terms of the deal.

Caption Health creates clinical applications to aid in early disease detection. The company’s technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in conducting ultrasound scans. This technology can make ultrasounds easier and faster while detecting signs of diseases like heart failure.

“Guiding ultrasound users during examinations with the help of AI is of growing importance, especially as we reach a broader set of healthcare professionals,” said GE HealthCare Ultrasound President and CEO Roland Rott. “Caption Health’s AI applications help enable reliable, consistent ultrasound examinations to deliver more precise diagnoses, improved treatment decision-making, and ultimately improved patient outcomes.”

Cashman added that t…

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Caption Health partners with Heartbeat Health on cardiac care

Caption Health announced today that it partnered with Heartbeat Health to provide earlier access to cardiovascular care.

Brisbane, California-based Caption Health will provide its Caption Care for clinicians to perform heart ultrasounds in convenient locations — including a patient’s home — using the Caption AI platform, while Heartbeat Health virtual cardiologists receive, read and interpret the ultrasounds remotely through their telemedicine partnership.

Heartbeat will then provide televisits and discuss findings with primary care teams for patients with abnormal cardiac findings via the virtual programs offered in the partnership, according to a news release.

Caption Health designed its Caption AI platform to provide a convenient, cost-effective solution for cardiac ultrasound in assessing heart failure. It received FDA 510(k) clearance in 2020 and picked up CE mark approval earlier this month.

“This is an ideal coupling of pati…

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Caption Health wins CE mark for AI-powered cardiac ultrasound tech

Caption Health announced today that it received CE mark for its Caption AI cardiac ultrasound technology platform.

Brisbane, California-based Caption Health designed its Caption AI platform to provide a convenient, cost-effective solution for cardiac ultrasound in assessing heart failure.

The platform can be used at scale to detect signs of heart failure in at-risk patients in doctors’ offices and even at home, helping to prevent avoidable hospitalizations and support improved clinical outcomes, according to a news release.

Caption Health said its platform enables medical staff to obtain quick, easy and accurate assessments of cardiac function and ejection fraction wherever patients are located. It received FDA 510(k) clearance in 2020.

“Our technology harnesses the power of ultrasound and allows diagnostic images to be acquired wherever the patient may be. Earlier detection of cardiac issues allows us to impact the course of disease a…

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Butterfly Network, Caption AI partner on handheld ultrasound

The Butterfly Network IQ+ system [Image courtesy of Butterfly Network]Butterfly Network (NYSE:BFLY) announced today that it entered into a strategic partnership with Caption Health for its AI capabilities.

Guilford, Conn.-based Butterfly Network said in a news release that an integrated solution developed through the partnership should enhance cardiac assessment with the Butterfly iQ+ handheld whole-body ultrasound system that uses the company’s Ultrasound-on-Chip technology.

By leveraging Caption Health’s Caption AI FDA-cleared, AI-guided ultrasound software, the partnership aims to improve the ease of image capture and image interpretation in a number of care settings, including the hospital, clinic and the home.

“Seeing is knowing, and our mission to democratize medical imaging and transform healthcare is enabled by Butterfly’s unique ability to deliver powerful clinical information at the point of care,” Butterfly Network president & CEO…

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Companies, docs alarmed by proposed 510(k) rollback

Medical associations and device companies have largely come out against a Trump administration proposal to permanently exempt certain medical devices and software from the FDA 510(k) clearance process.

HHS used Trump’s waning days in office to propose permanently exempting 83 Class II devices and one unclassified device from the clearance review process. The list includes home ventilators, cardiopulmonary bypass pressure gauges, fetal cardiac monitors, long-term extracorporeal support systems, certain imaging software, ethylene oxide sterilizers and aerators, and certain masks (including N95 respirators), gloves and gowns. The agency also listed seven types of patient examination gloves that it has decided to immediately stop reviewing for 510(k) clearance. The notice was published on Jan. 15, 2021, in the Federal Register.

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MedTech 100 roundup: Industry hits pandemic peak

After five months since medtech stocks peaked before the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the markets, the industry inched back toward that pre-pandemic high.

MassDevice’s MedTech 100 Index — which includes stocks of the world’s largest medical device companies — sat at 88.9 points at the end of last week (July 17). That total represents just a -3.7% dip from the Feb. 19 high point of 92.32, marking the smallest margin of decline over the past five months.

Medtech stocks saw a 5.1% increase from the 84.39-point total at the same time a week prior (July 10), highlighting a large improvement after last week saw almost no material change in the index.

Meanwhile, the S&P 500 Index saw a 1.2% bump from July 10 to July 17, and the Dow Jones Index fared even better, posting a 2.3% increase over the same period of time. Both indexes mirrored the medtech industry’s changes as far as increases, but didn’t see as drastic a change.

Medtech’s lowest point du…

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Caption Health raises $53m for its AI ultrasound software

Caption Health (Brisbane, Calif.) has raised $53 million in a Series B round as it seeks to further develop and commercialize its FDA-cleared, AI-guided ultrasound technology.

Existing investor DCVC led the round, announced yesterday. New investors Atlantic Bridge and cardiovascular medical device leader Edwards Lifesciences also participated, along with existing investor Khosla Ventures.

Caption Health touts Caption AI as the first and only AI-guided medical imaging acquisition system, allowing healthcare providers without lengthy specialized training to perform ultrasound and obtain diagnostic-quality images. The company accelerated its plan to bring Caption AI to market in late summer after increased demand from clinicians caring for patients with COVID-19.

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