Calumeo launches dry-heat N95 reprocessor

(Image courtesy of Calumeo)

Calumeo today announced the U.S. launch of a point-of-care N95 mask reprocessing device.

The Morgan Hill-Calif.-based company said its Calumeo Clean countertop device uses dry heat to decontaminate N95 masks for reuse, without the use of toxic chemicals. The process takes just over an hour. The device can process six masks at a time and each mask can be processed this way up to five times, the company added.

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DTW Podcast: CEO Petrovic explains how Insulet is switching people to `Pods

Insulet CEO Shacey Petrovic says she didn’t jump immediately at the chance to join the company.

In an interview with the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, Petrovic, who was serving as CEO of a women’s health company when CEO-Patrick Sullivan, her former boss at Cytyc, called her with an offer to serve as Insulet’s chief commercial officer

“I said, `Well, Pat, I’m a CEO now, you know, didn’t you hear?,” she joked.

A  chief commercial officer role might be seen as a backward step from CEO, but Sullivan framed the question differently. He told Petrovic that he came out of retirement to take the CEO role and didn’t want to a long stint as CEO. “He said, `This could be your opportunity to eventually run a public company. If it goes well, I need a successor, the technology is remarkable, and together we can fix this problem.’”

A path the CEO role at a publicly traded company was certainly appealing. But Petrovic had more personal reason for the jo…

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