ConcertAI acquisition will boost CancerLinQ data capabilities with AI focus

The AI oncology startup ConcertAI recently acquired CancerLinQ, one of the largest oncology real-world data and quality of care technology service entities. Originally developed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in 2013, CancerLinQ aims to use real-world data and technology to improve cancer care and advance evidence-based research. 

CancerLinQ has developed one of the “deepest, broadest, most generalizable, least biased single standalone data sources that exists in oncology,” according to Jeff Elton, CEO of ConcertAI. This real-world data asset encompasses clinical data across more than 7 million patients, 100 care sites and  more than 10 EMR systems.

Boosting CancerLinQ’s scope and capabilities

The acquisition will bring considerably more resources to CancerLinQ, which had a dedicated staff of between 50 and 60 people in comparison to ConcertAI, which has more than 1,100 employees. Under terms of the deal, ASCO will mainta…

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Emerson launches integrated manifold for respiratory devices

NEWS RELEASE: Emerson Introduces Healthcare Industry’s First Integrated Manifold Solution for Respiratory Therapy Devices

Emerson’s ASCO Series 588 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator Manifold [Photo courtesy of Emerson]

Emerson has launched the ASCO™ Series 588 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator Manifold, the healthcare industry’s first turnkey manifold solution designed to optimize respiratory therapy device designs and accelerate product speed to market.

Oxygen concentrators must quickly reach patients who rely on them, so it’s critical that they are readily available and operate reliably. The Series 588 manifold is specially designed to simplify device engineering and assembly and improve device energy efficiency, lifespan and reliability.

Without an integrated manifold, manufacturers must mount valves individually into the fluidic path of oxygen concentrators and attach dedicated tubing to each …

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Control valves for home care medical devices must become more efficient

Device OEMs can meet fast-growing demand by combining the flexibility of new and proven flow-control products with supplier expertise.

By Paul Gant, ASCO Analytical and Medical at Emerson

A portable oxygen concentrator manifold solution with a credit card for scale [Photo courtesy of Emerson]

The trend to design capable medical devices for home and mobile care is not new, and most medical device manufacturers have made robust investments in this growing market. Portability and ease of use are key areas of development, and component and control solutions manufacturers must innovate to keep up with demand.

Medical devices such as oxygen concentrators, compression therapy devices, therapeutic support surfaces, and dialysis equipment utilize solenoid valves to automate control of the equipment. These devices must meet the requirements of the governing authorities — including the FDA and European Union  Medic…

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Emerson introduces new three-way miniature solenoid valve

The new ASCO Series 090 three-way miniature solenoid valve [Image courtesy of Emerson]

Emerson (NYSE:EMR) announced the expansion of its ASCO Series 090 line of miniature solenoid valves.

The product line includes a new three-way Series 090 valve configuration. The three-way configuration enables lighter, more space-efficient solutions for gas control in oxygen therapy, compression therapy and gas analyzer devices, St. Louis–based Emerson said in a news release posted yesterday.

Originally developed as a two-way valve for air and inert gases in portable medical devices, the Series 090 valve features a compact architecture, small (10.8 mm footprint and 50-million-cycle life.

Because the Series 090 valve’s new three-way configuration can perform the same mixing and diverting functions as a pair of two-way valves, it provides more design flexibility for high-precision gas delivery systems for o…

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