March 2023 Issue: Incredible enabling technologies

Stryker on steroids: How enabling technology will supercharge surgical robotics

How Penumbra’s smart-sucking algorithms and catheters speed up clot removal

What Abbott learned about COVID-19 and cardio devices

Genascence believes gene therapy can transform the treatment of knee osteoarthritis

What to expect in diabetes care in 2023

Incredible enabling technologies

The FDA has cleared or approved more than 500 devices enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning, and the list keeps getting longer.

Medtech AI is helping physicians diagnose, treat and monitor patients like never before. Sometimes the software works as a medical device all on its own. But the real fun starts when device developers pair software with other enabling technologies like robotics, miniaturization, 3D printing and advanced materials.

For example, take Stryker…

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What’s so special about Apollo Endosurgery’s stomach-shrinking weight loss tech?

The Apollo Endosurgery OverStitch Sx endoscopic suturing system [Image courtesy of Apollo Endosurgery]

Apollo Endosurgery — set to be purchased by Boston Scientific for $615 million — develops new devices and minimally invasive procedures for weight loss.

The procedure is called endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) and the device that made it possible is the OverStitch endoscopic suturing system.

Austin, Texas-based Apollo Endosurgery first won 510(k) clearance for OverStitch in 2008, with successive clearances for improved designs over the years. Most recently, in July the FDA granted de novo clearance for Apollo Endosurgery’s Apollo ESG, Apollo ESG Sx, Apollo REVISE and Apollo REVISE Sx systems. They’re the first FDA-authorized devices for ESG and endoscopic bariatric revision procedures.

Medical Design & Outsourcing spoke with Apollo Endosurgery Chief Medical Officer Dr. Christo…

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DTW #45: Kamen talks 3D organs; Todd Pope returns as CEO; Joe Mulling says Medtech’s time is now

DeviceTalks Weekly, powered by MassDevice

Please lift this jam-packed episode of the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast  with your legs, not your back.

We’ll hear inspirational words from the legendary Dean Kamen who is shifting his life’s focus into medtech. Todd Pope takes the CEO seat at a new company built to tackle hospital-acquired-infections and COVID Joe Mullings of the Mullings Group explains why now is the best time to be in the Medtech industry.

Chris Newmarker, executive editor of life sciences, delivers a murderers row of #newmarkersnewsmakers with Philips, Medtronic, iRyhthm, Canary Medical and Apollo Endosurgery.

To hear Dean Kamen’s entire interview with Design World’s Paul Heney go here.

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DeviceTalks by MassDevice · Dean Kamen eyeing 3D organs; Todd Pope talks clean air; Joe Mullings says Medtech’s time is now
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