4 things to keep in mind when selecting beta bags

Image courtesy of Central Research Laboratories

Life science products like pharmaceuticals, biologics and biosimilars that feature active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) require the safe, efficient, contamination-free, i.e., “aseptic,” handling of raw materials and finished products. Maintaining a sterile production process demands that all components used in a cleanroom or isolator be kept contaminant-free. Beta bags play a critical role in this process, but before selecting a beta bag brand or model, the aseptic-process operator should consider four things:

1. What is the main purpose of beta bags?

Alpha ports (sealed openings) used in cleanrooms and isolators give operators access to various components during an aseptic-production process, allowing the operator to retrieve items ranging from vial stoppers to syringe plungers, hand wipes to cable ties, and simple pen and paper. Contamination-free access …

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