Deepcell’s REM-I platform marries AI with morphological analysis for drug discovery

Introducing Deepcell’s REM-I, which applies AI to cell morphology analysis.

From her early days as a research assistant at UCLA, to her work as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford, Deepcell co-founder and CEO Maddison Mahdokht Masaeli has actively engaged in the field of biomedical engineering. Now, Masaeli and her team at Deepcell, a company she co-founded in 2017, are introducing a new strategy to drug discovery with the launch of REM-I. The platform combines AI and morphological analysis, a technique that studies the form and structure of organisms and their specific structural features.

“The REM-I platform offers several unique capabilities for deep assessment of single cell images and the ability to sort cells without bias,” Masaeli explained in an interview. “It is specifically designed to expose and analyze the heterogeneity within samples, as well as the heterogeneity in respons…

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