Navigating generative AI in drug discovery and data analysis: Seizing the opportunity and avoiding pitfalls

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Along with predictive AI, generative AI is emerging as a promising tool in drug discovery. Thanks in part to the rise of ChatGPT, interest in the technology in drug discovery is on the upswing. In March, a preprint appeared examining the potential to use generative AI to enable de novo antibody design. Also this year, the Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co. began working with NVIDIA to launch Tokyo-1, a project aimed at boosting Japan’s pharma industry with generative AI models. The initiative will give Japanese pharma companies and startups access to an NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputer, providing a shot in the arm to the country’s $100 billion pharma sector, which is the third largest globally.

As generative AI gains ground in  pharma, businesses considering using the technology to speed up drug discovery should also take its potential drawbacks into considering. To that end, Ali Arsanjan…

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